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The women in my family have all had creative talents. That spirit of creativity is intrinsic. I like to refer to it as an itch that I just have to scratch.

I have worked with art all of my life, providing paintings for auctions for charitable events and personal cards. But with retirement the complete metamorphosis began. I have been a student of Master teachers in the fields of water color, acrylic paints and collage as well as the Glassell School of Art in Houston.

It is a joy to bring color and shape and texture to ideas. I see opportunities all around me.

My collection of paintings and cards are as diverse as my interests take me. I have painted with water color, completed collage paintings, and mixed media but now work mostly in acrylic.

I have always loved shoes and have quite a collection, so I started painting them. Women love shoes and get a great deal of joy from my shoe cards and paintings of shoes.

I have also collected watches, but as we know they often do not last long. I couldn’t bear to throw them away. I use my hand made paste paper as a background and disassembled watches for the parts. The pictures evoke the sense of time and its importance. You can see these in my watch display. Each painting is one of a kind.

I have also found great pleasure in abstraction. Taking something in your minds eye and re-shaping and re-designing the piece to become a painting.

I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I enjoyed constructing and painting them for you.

My paintings and cards have been in art galleries, local boutiques and retail establishments.

Customers have said “She has a wonderful graphic design concept, her backgrounds are beautiful - her colors are refreshing and her interpretations are intriguing."

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